High-quality, affordable podcast production and marketing services for businesses of all sizes

We offer high-quality podcast production and marketing services for podcasters of all sizes. We’re here to help you get your podcast out there and to save you time. You record, and we take it from there!

You Record

You’re the voice. You record and we will handle the production and promotion of each podcast episode.

We Produce

We take the production, editing, and final touches out of your hands. You give us the audio, we give you a podcast.

We Promote

We help you reach your target audience by creating and publishing marketing content for your episodes.

Podcasts for Business Growth

PodSquad is for individuals and businesses using podcasts to achieve growth goals: we save you time by owning the podcast production so that you can shine where it counts.


Podcasts are an incredible content marketing tool to help you reach your target audience in an organic and impactful way.

You're the Pod.

We're the Squad.

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“We recommend PodSquad to all sorts of podcasters, new and seasoned. Their process is super easy to use and streamlined. An incredible investment to get your work and ideas out to the folks you want to reach!”

– Olivia August & Jessie McCrary, Feminish Podcast

We handle more of the overall scope than other podcast production agencies

Find packages with us that include podcast editing, production, promotion, AND strategy. Or, let us do the editing and you leverage your promotion. No matter your needs, we have a package that fits.