Podcast Guest Booking: A 5-Step Guide

A successful podcast is all about delivering great content through engaging topics. Bringing guests onto your podcast is a great way to connect and network with people that you find interesting or influential in your field while also offering value to your listeners. 

To make the most out of guests’ presence and to offer them an unforgettable experience, your process needs to be smooth and seamless from start to finish.

How to Create a Seamless Podcast Guest Experience

Below, we explore a step-by-step guide to creating a seamless and effective podcast guest booking process:

Step 1: Find Potential Podcast Guests

Before you start reaching out to potential guests, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of your podcast’s niche, target audience, and the value you aim to provide. This clarity will not only help you identify the right type of guests but also make your pitch more appealing to them. Once you know the types of guests you want to have on your podcast, there are several ways to find them.

How to do it:

  1. Start with Who You Know: Your personal and professional network is a gold mine for finding your first few guests. Friends, colleagues, or industry connections who can share valuable insights or stories relevant to your niche are excellent starting points.
  2. Attend Industry Events: Conferences, seminars, and meetups are great places to meet potential guests. These events allow you to connect with thought leaders, experts, and individuals with unique experiences in-person.
  3. Utilize Social Media: Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are powerful tools for finding and connecting with potential guests. Engage with their content and start a conversation before making your pitch.

Step 2: Make Scheduling Podcast Interviews Easy for Podcast Guests

Organizing and scheduling interviews should be a hassle-free process. Implement tools like Calendly, which allows your guests to pick a convenient time slot without the back-and-forth emails. This sets a positive note right at the outset, showing your professionalism and respect for their time – while also saving you time.

How to do it:

  1. Set up an account on Calendly or similar scheduling platforms.
  2. Configure your availability preferences.
  3. Share the scheduling link with your guests allowing them to choose a time that suits them.

Step 3: Create a Form to Gather Information About Your Podcast Guest 

Having a guest form is instrumental in gathering essential information about your guests. It helps in crafting a personalized and engaging interview and gives you everything you need to feature your guest when producing and promoting the podcast episode.

How to do it:

  1. Create a podcast guest form with fields to capture basic information such as:
    • Name Pronunciation – start the interview off right by pronouncing their name correctly!
    • Brief Bio – get to know your guests and let them share a little about their background and areas of expertise.
    • Headshot – ask for their photo to use on promotional material for the episode.
    • Social Media & Website Links – your guests have taken the time to come on your podcast and now it’s time for you to show them some love by promoting their pages. You can include this information in your podcast episode shownotes as well as your social promotions.
  2. Share this form with your guests using your calendar link so they can fill it out after they book the podcast.
  3. Use the information to prepare your podcast episode structure and share it with your production team to use when creating episode materials.

Step 4: Follow Up With Podcast Guests After the Podcast Interview

After the interview, make sure to send a thank-you email containing promotional graphics and links to the episode.

How to do it:

  1. Design professional graphics that represent the episode accurately.
  2. Include links to the episode on various listening platforms (Apple, Spotify, etc.).
  3. Encourage podcast guests to share the episode with their audience.

Step 5: Promote Podcast Guests After Podcast Episode is Released 

Ensure wider reach and engagement by tagging your podcast guests in all social media posts related to the episode.

How to do it:

  1. Ask for the podcast guests’ social media handles in the guest form.
  2. Create engaging social media posts, highlighting the guest’s participation.
  3. Tag the guests in all promotional posts to enhance visibility and reach.

Creating a seamless experience for podcast guests is not only a sign of professionalism but also a strategy to foster meaningful connections and collaborations. By incorporating these steps into your podcasting process, you’re on your way to building a successful podcast that guests will want to be a part of.

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